Pool Designs

Our team will design a pool from your own idea and build it according to EU and U.K. standards. All building materials are high spec and we always follow standard requirements for pools. Our pools are built to last and robust enough to be emptied and hold outside pressure without issues, if needed. We design and build:

  • Square pools
  • Round pools
  • Rectangular pools
  • Oval pools
  • Kidney shaped pools
  • Pools with or without slopes
  • Pools with jets, bubbles, lights and any other accessories you desire.

Finish for pools:

  • Standard tiles
  • Crackled tiles
  • Standard Mosaic tiles
  • Mosaic images

Water and filtering systems:

  • Pools with skimmers
  • Overflow pools
  • Infinity Edge pools

We also finish your pools surroundings. Sandstone, tiles or any other surface you wish to have around your pool area. For references, please use our contact form, here. Swimming Pool examples